Over 1168 of regular clients and projects have been weekly furnished by Pest & Cleaning Service Co., Ltd, keeping your health and satisfy ahead with us. In these regards, we have often succeeded many bids in supplying variety of services to Hotel, Apartment, Store, Restaurant, Club, Shop and Karaoke, government ministries, NGOs, International donors, Multinational Companies (MNCs), Universities, Garment Factories, Banking, Home, Villa, Borey…

Our services are highly appreciated by most of our clients we had served.


  • Cost-efficient performance for high performance services Best quality and quantity
  • You want your office to be healthier
  • Boost cleaning and security
  • Invest in peace of mind Get more done in less time
  • Empower your valuable staff
  • Is a critical skill in delivering good quality work, which both us and clients are happy with and client expectations tie directly into the level of satisfaction a client will receive from our work such as: Respect, communication, feedback, honesty, professionalism, empathy, active listening.